Living green
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Living green

The health of our environment has a tremendous impact on our own health so for many, a healthier New Year includes a resolution to live a more eco-friendly  life. Though it can seem an overwhelming task at first, even the simplest steps towards reducing your carbon footprint can impact the health of the planet in very big ways. Here are some simple ways to start off 2012 with new eco-consciousness.

For starters, consider the impact of your water bottle. If you buy a bottle of water or carbonated drink at work each day, you may want to invest in a reusable, plastic bottle or even a glass bottle, which are better choices for reducing plastic waste. Investing in a BPA-free plastic bottle not only helps the environment, but keeps bisphenol A, a compound known to disturb our internal biochemistry, out of your body too.

Owning a home drink maker is another great way to reduce landfill waste; by using your SodaStream as an alternative for carbonated drinks, you reduce your environmental impact at home and eliminate the need for plastic bottles there too. SodaStream carbonating bottles are reusable for 3 years, and save up to 2000 plastic bottles and cans for an average family*.

Another easy way to reduce plastics waste is by bringing along a reusable shopping bag when you go shopping. Tuck one away into your purse or car to reduce reliance on plastic bags and keep your environment and natural surroundings cleaner and healthier.

Walking or biking wherever you can, instead of relying on vehicles which pollute the air and environment keeps both your body and mind healthy. Not only does cycling keep the air cleaner but it does the same thing for your heart health, as well. Also, consider buying locally. Buying local produce saves fuel on transport and encourages farmers to offer more organically grown produce that is fresher. Remember - whatever you choose to do, starting small can ultimately lead to big changes for the health of our bodies and our planet.