Drink well: Be your own soda mixologist
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Drink well: Be your own soda mixologist

Each New Year brings new opportunities to live better, and drinking better is no exception. Just as we try to improve the quality of the foods we eat, the experience of drinking should always include the best of freshness, flavor and quality for the best drinking experience.

Carbonated beverages have a long and flavorful history, with fresh  sparkling drinks having first been made at soda fountains over 100 years ago. Today, with SodaStream everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sparkling drinks their own personalized way, from blend of flavors to choice of sweeteners and even carbonation levels – for a truly creative and tasty experience. With Soda Stream, you can be your own mixologist – and fix your own drink the way you like it. Here are some of the many ways to mix up your drink in line with your personal style:

  • Choose from over 120 flavors which include traditional flavors, in regular and diet, and sparkling naturals and natural essences for a healthier choice.

  • Control the carbonation level in your soft drinks by selecting one "buzz" for light carbonation up to 3 for fuller fizz.

  • Add your own flavors and syrups for full control over sweetness and intensity

  • Get creative by mixing different flavors together for your own personal blend.

To help meet your green lifestyle choices, choose from glass carafes or BPA-free plastic bottles which can be used for up to 3 years. The bottle’s hermetically-sealed cap also keeps drinks fresh and fizzy longer than typical store-bought beverages. Either way, there are less plastic bottles and cans in landfills when you re-use the bottles to make your sparkling drinks at home.

Whatever your health goals are this New Year, there are plenty of ways for you to meet them while drinking well, the way your like, this 2012.