Drinking Healthier this New Year
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Drinking Healthier this New Year

Getting healthier means something a bit different for everyone, but no doubt, it includes improving our eating and drinking habits. The New Year is always a great opportunity to resolve to eat and drink better and SodaStream offers a range of choices that are sure to match your personal health goals, whatever they are.

If you’re looking to reduce the artificial ingredients in your family’s diet, the Sparkling Naturals syrups are made from all-natural ingredients, and make great-tasting, "better for you" carbonated drinks. With no artificial flavors, artificial coloring or artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives, they’re a great natural alternative to store bought drinks. Kids can drink better too with Sparkling Naturals for Kids, which are naturally sweetened with fructose and have added vitamins, too.

For more sophisticated palates, the Clear line of syrups are a great choice – they are free of artificial colors, preservatives. They are sweetened just with fructose and come in interesting flavor combinations such as passionfruit-mango and cranberry-raspberry.

Finally, for those looking to kick sweet drinks completely to the curb, the all natural flavor essences are perfect for making fresh flavored seltzers or sparkling waters including lemon-lime, orange, raspberry, mint. As with all syrups, the intensity of the flavor of your drink can be adjusted by adding more or less flavoring. With the wide array of choices available, everyone can drink well, the way they like.