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In the News

  • 29 January, 2014
    SodaStream and Welch’s Announce a Partnership to Bring Together Homemade Bubbles and Welch’s Juice Drinks

    CONCORD, Mass. and AIRPORT CITY, Israel - Jan 29, 2014 –SodaStream International, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA), the leading manufacturer of home beverage carbonation systems, today announced a strategic agreement with Welch’s, a family-farmer owned company and the leading marketer of Concord and Niagara grape-based products, to launch a line of sparkling drink concentrates co-developed exclusively for the SodaStream home beverage carbonation system.

  • 31 July, 2013
    SodaStream Reports Record Second Quarter Results

    Second Quarter Revenue Increased 29% to $132.4 Million

  • 15 July, 2013
    SodaStream Schedules the Release of its Second Quarter 2013 Financial Results for Wednesday, July 31, 2013
  • 23 June, 2013
    Do Coke, Pepsi covet SodaStream ? If so, it's playing really hard to get

    Media in SodaStream's home country, Israel, Recently reported that PepsiCo and Coca-Cola were considering bids for the home soda-machine company.
    SodaStream's stock soared-45%-to its highest level since 2011. The report was quickly squashed, with PepsiCo calling it "completely untrue" and Coca-Cola declining to comment. Still, SodaStream's stock price remains stubbornly high.

    Any gratitude toward the big soda companies for stoking its sticker price was short-lived. SodaStream on Friday made its feelings abundantly clear with full-page color ads in major newspapers and three TV spots critical of Big Soda, including the spot CBS rejected from this year's Super Bowl, which shows Pepsi and Coke bottles exploding as a man in his home uses a SodaStream.

    "We want everybody to know that bottled soda is a thing of the past, " said SodaStream CMO Ilan Nacasch.

  • 17 June, 2013
    KitchenAid Enters Home Soda Category in Collaboration with SodaStream

    Brands Collaborate on KitchenAid Soda Maker "Powered by SodaStream"

  • 1 June, 2013
    Invite Soda Stream to your next Bar-B-Que

    The ability to make fresh soda or sparkling water at any time is great. The fact that it can be made as carbonated or as sweet as I like it is even better.

  • 24 May, 2013
    Guerrilla marketing on the giants of SodaStream soda
    Consumer and Health

    On the Croisette, the Israeli brand stole the show at Coca-Cola. Account of the new remake of David against Goliath.

  • 22 May, 2013
    A walk up the isles! Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte resemble a bride and groom as they board boat in Cannes

    Signing the prize: Mel added her autograph to a Soda Stream machine that was being auctioned during the charity dinner

  • 14 May, 2013
    A Mix of the Past and Future in Film

    CANNES — Wednesday night is the big night: The stars will be out, and the couturiers, the jewelers, the photographers and fans, the blaring music, the glaring lights, all for the opening of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival.

  • 8 May, 2013
    SodaStream Announces Investor and Analyst Day for May 13, 2013