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Why SodaStream

SodaStream provides a revolutionary and disruptive solution to the $260 billion carbonated drinks category.  We manufacture, market and distribute home beverage carbonation systems, which enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water instantly into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water.  Soda makers offer a highly differentiated and innovative solution to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. Our products are environmentally friendly, cost effective, promote health and wellness, and are customizable and fun to use.
In addition, our products offer convenience by eliminating the need to carry bottles home from the supermarket, to store bottles at home or to regularly dispose of empty bottles. Our products are available at more than 55,000 retail stores in 43 countries around the world.
SodaStream sales in 2011 were approximately $290 million, a 39% growth vs. 2010. SodaStream is the world leader in the home carbonation category with first-mover advantage and market shares of 75% or higher.  Household penetration in established markets (such as Sweden, Germany and Switzerland) is as high as 25%.  Other significant markets are in their infancy including France, Italy, Russia and the United States, where we are now sold at more than 13,000 stores, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macys, Bloomingdales and Williams-Sonoma.  SodaStream is traded on the NASDAQ exchange as of November, 2010 under the ticker symbol SODA, and is headquartered in Israel.

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