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What is a Carbon Footprint

SodaStream Carbon Footprint

SodaStream Carbon Footprint is up to 80% lower than other carbonated soft drinks.

As part of our commitment to fight the environmental damages caused by the consumption of soda cans and bottled beverages, SodaStream in collaboration with the Carbon Trust has undergone the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Footprint certification in order to measure the carbon impact of a liter of Sparkling Water, Cola and Diet Cola flavoured carbonated beverages, made with SodaStream’s Fizz system.

The Carbon Trust’s independent study certified the total greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the product lifecycle, including manufacturing, distribution, storage, retail, gas cylinder refill, use and disposal. The Carbon Trust certified the carbon footprints of SodaStream’s Fizz drinks maker, and cola and diet cola syrups to the requirements of PAS 2050: 2008, an international standard for the assessment of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of a product or service. The footprint certification also meets the requirements set out in the Footprint Expert™ Guide and the Code of Good Practice.


The carbon footprints of SodaStream’s products were certified as*:

  • Sparkling Water: 55gr CO2 per liter of Sparkling Water
  • Diet Cola: 100gr CO2 per 1 liter of Diet Cola
  • Cola: 110gr CO2 per 1 liter of Cola

*SodaStream measured the footprint of these products in 12 different countries in the Europe and the United States. The numbers cited here reflect the most conservative of these products’ footprints, which is the United States’ footprints. The footprints of our products sold in the United States are the highest mainly due to the additional distribution required.

Product Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

Everything we buy, produce and use has a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of a product or service is the total carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted during its lifecycle, from its production to its final disposal.

About Carbon Trust Certification

Carbon Trust Certification offers a full range of services to allow organisations to certify and verify their product carbon footprints. Carbon Trust Certification provides independent verification of the carbon footprints of products and services against the PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard, the Carbon Trust's Footprint Expert TM and the Carbon Trust Code of Good Practice for Product Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Claims. Carbon Trust Certification is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service  (UKAS) to ISO 14065:2007 to provide greenhouse gas verification against PAS 2050 and the Code of Good Practice. More information can be found at:

About the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit company with the mission to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy, providing specialist support to business and the public sector to help cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialize low carbon technologies.