SodaStream Professional

SodaStream Professional is a division of SodaStream International, (NASDAQ: SODA), a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of beverage carbonation systems. In October 2011, with the acquisition of CEM Industries S.r.l. in Italy, SodaStream broadened its horizons to include sales into out-of-home channels. CEM, which now markets under the name of SodaStream Professional, is a strong, well established company with many years of experience in the beverage dispensing industry. It owns proprietary carbonation technologies which are utilized across a broad portfolio of products for commercial grade use, including single-serving dispensing solutions.

The SodaStream Professional product range includes multiple dispensing systems for water carbonation, cooling and filtration. All products are characterized by high quality, efficiency and reliability and meet the strictest international regulations for safety and hygiene. In January, 2012 SodaStream Professional launched the new “So”™ brand, targeting the restaurant, office, hotel and resort segment.

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